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This Is Why Women Should Stop Wearing Bras

Scientists are telling women to stop wearing bras immediately. Bras don’t help you support the chest, prevent breast sagging or reduce back pain. It is better not to wear a bra to promote more tone and supporting breast tissue.

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A study was made on women aged 18 to 35. This 15-year study was about the effect of bras on our breasts and it has been proven that bras only make our breasts saggier. Bras hamper blood circulation and reduce breast tone.

Women don’t totally agree with this statement. They say that bras are not wore for medical or anatomical reasons. They need them for practical and aesthetic reasons. Women that are very busy during the day need a little support because their breasts can hurt if they are big or simply they don’t look good hanging in their beautiful outfit.

Other studies were made. Researches have shown that nipples can raise by 7mm when they don’t wear bras. But women prefer to wear bras because they don’t like to show their nipples anywhere.

Also, there is a campaign that encourages women not to wear bras. This campaign is believed to change the image of breastfeeding in public.


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