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Weight Loss Tips from Women Who Were Once Chubby Now Thin

It is very hard to lose weight. You have to put in a lot of your energy and patience and the most important, never give up.

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Women that lost a lot of weight give us these advices:

  1. Start Small. Start with 15 minutes of jogging and then increase it. Make it a gradual process.
  2. Don’t give up. Put effort for your plan to work and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see any difference at first.
  3. Some habits need to go. Carbs and Fried food are just not good when you try to lose weight. Instead of three meals, eat six small meals every day. Add more fresh vegetable salads to your meal with lean meats and nuts.
  4. Find the meal you like. Find the healthiest meal that you find delicious and eat it all the time. Focus on achieving your goals, so it won’t feel repetitive.
  5. Start with one change. For example, cut the sugary drinks. Then, you can stop consuming carbs. You can replace your normal bread with wheat bread.
  6. Replace the ingredients. Try to make your old meals healthier, as turkey burgers with wheat bread.
  7. Replace old snacks with healthier ones, as protein bars or shakes.
  8. Pack snack for work instead of eating at late hours.
  9. Don’t keep foods you know you can’t say no to. For example, better buy a single-serving ice cream when you want to indulge yourself.
  10. When you are on your lunch break, go for a walk for 30 to 40 minutes.


Weight Loss Tips from Women Who Were Once Chubby Now Thin

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