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Try the BEST Natural Remedies for BLOATING

Your will to start physical activities can be killed by the discomfort that is caused by the bloat. Bloating can cause excessive intestinal gas, abdominal pain and it makes us feel heavy.

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The best way to avoid bloating is by consuming carminative plants that favor the elimination of the gases.

These carminative plants are:


Ginger is good for stimulating the enzymes needed for digestion. It removes the gases and reduces the pain. It also reduces intestinal spasm. You can consume it fresh, by adding it in a drink or add some slices of ginger in your food. You can also drink ginger tincture mixed with water three times a day. Add a spoonful of ginger tincture per 100 ml water.


These medicinal plants are very useful in treating the bloat. Fennel is recommended for people with sensitive stomach because it reduces stomach cramps. The chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also work as a sedative. You can make mix half a teaspoon of fennel fruit with 200 ml of hot water to prepare the infusion.


Add a teaspoon of crushed coriander in 250 m of hot water to make the infusion.


This medicinal plant absorbs gases. Don’t combine it with other drugs, because it won’t be very effective. You should wait for at least two hours before taking other drugs. Consume this plant after every meal, especially lunch.


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