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Tips for Kidney Health

    People in healthcare jobs often talk about heart health.  However, Kidney health is just as important. You need to take care of your whole body. These tips can help you maintain healthy kidneys. First and foremost, hydrate. Drink plenty of water every day. Avoid sugary or caffeinated soft drinks. Caffeine can dehydrate you. Water is the healthiest drink for kidney maintenance. You can also make changes to your diet that will help you maintain kidney health. Cut down on your sodium intake.

   Read food labels to determine the sodium content. Look for products that are labeled low sodium, no salt added, or reduced sodium. Even with a low sodium label check the total sodium content of the food on the label. Replace salt in your cooking with fresh herbs. Buy fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables, which often contain sodium used as a preservative. If you do buy canned vegetables, thoroughly rinse the vegetables before eating them. Limit your intake of sodium, saturated processed foods.

Cut down on your fat consumptions. Avoid deep frying food. Watch out for dairy products that contain a lot of fat as well. Buy products that are fat free or low fat. Switch to egg whites to lower fat content as well.

Keep a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.




I am into personal finance, saving, budgeting, investing, and the likes. And one lesson I personally learned the hard way is the cliché “Health is Wealth.”

I am pretty healthy. I very seldom get sick and I am in the prime of my body (I think). Until one time, I got a fever with a combination of colds and cough. While I was able to overcome it, my productivity and my finances were badly hit. I was so in pain that I had to go to the hospital, look for a doctor, and buy myself expensive medicines and antibiotics. These aren’t in my regular budget so I got hit big time.

I can’t blame it on anyone really.

Prior my illness, I was a daredevil and braved the typhoon. I came home dripping wet from the rain and didn’t do any post-rain activities to prevent sickness. Furthermore, I finished the day with a tub of ice cream in front of the TV. In short, I was really neglectful and careless.

My regrets were at the top when I received the hospital bill. I could’ve used this money on something more important. But no, it went to medicines and doctors’ fees. I said to myself, never again.

I vow to take better care of my health. I refuse to see no doctor anymore unless it’s really important and planned. No one likes this kind of surprise. Also, I will eat more healthy foods like salmon for its protein, omega-3, and leanness, salads and greens for their packed vitamins, and more dairy products for their calcium. I will also get back into exercising for fitness again to improve my immune system.

These activities cost nothing and definitely healthy.  I believe this can be the best investment I could ever give to myself and to my loved ones as well.

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