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9 Surprising Uses for Vicks VapoRub

We all know what is Vicks VapoRub. But for those who never heard of it, it is a mentholated topical cream which can be used for the chest, back and throat if you have cough inhibition, or for minor aches in your muscles and joints or for pains that are …

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The Paleo diet is a new fad nowadays. Before you jump on the bandwagon, it is best to know what paleo is and its effects. With this information, you can then make a decision whether paleo is for you. What is Paleo?  Simply put, it is an all natural food …

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Get Salmon in Your Diet, Get Healthy & Happy

Numerous studies have shown that a diet high in fish is a healthy one.  Countries whose inhabitants eat a high quantity of the fish report lower incidents of disease and life threatening illness.  There are plenty of reasons why this is the case. Fish, such as Salmon, contain Omega-3 fatty …

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