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Stomach vacuum exercise – How to get a thinner waist and a flat abdomen

Have you ever wanted to have a thinner waist and a flat abdomen, or even to build an overall stronger core? The vacuum is an exercise that you can perform daily to work on for your dream waist!Show more text

These exercises are the easiest way to get the silhouette you want, in a healthy and benefic way.


The stomach vacuum exercise is a very simple abdominal move that work on your transverses abdominals who is the deep-seated abdominal muscle that lies under the rectus abdominals.

A muscles group who act like a corset keeps your waist thin, and for better results, you should give them some work out. Another way to work out the transverses abdominals is planking.  However, if you are not the biggest fan of planks, the stomach vacuum is a very nice alternative to get things done as fast as possible.

A strong transverses abdominals gives you a better postural support, which can reduce the back pain. It also helps you getting a slimmer waistline and a flatty tummy look.

Some additional tips for you:

  • You should perform this exercise on an empty stomach, so the best time to perform it is in the morning, when you wake up.
  • As you are a beginner, you should perform just three sets of 10 seconds for three times through the day.

So, go ahead, do not waste any time, try it right now and the results will surprise you in a very short time, if you follow those few advices.

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