The Paleo diet is a new fad nowadays. Before you jump on the bandwagon, it is best to know what paleo is and its effects. With this information, you can then make a decision whether paleo is for you.

What is Paleo?

 Simply put, it is an all natural food diet. Following a paleo diet means you eat food that our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic area. You also avoid foods containing preservatives.

What foods to eat?

 The diet requires more protein, meat, low carb, high fiber fruits, and vegetables. Paleo recommends eating grass fed meat and wild or omega 3 rich fishes. The Paleo diet also recommends using olive oil or walnut oil.

What are the foods to be avoided?

You should also avoid any kind of food rarely or never consumed before the Paleolithic period. Examples include dairy,refined sugar, and processed foods like candies, chips and sodas.

What are the effects of following a paleo diet?

People who follow the Paleo diet claim to have experienced various benefits including increased energy, mental alertness, improved sleep and sustained weight loss.

The Sauna

Many civilizations have long known the value of heat in healing.  Saunas date back to the early Native American tribes.  They were called sweat lodges. Sweat lodges were used to treat or cure everything from headaches to arthritisSweating is the body’s natural way of removing harmful poisonsHeat aids in the curing of disease by killing harmful microorganisms.

The removal of toxins doesn’t only benefit the body.  It also results in the most desirable mental well being.  Soothing heat feels good.  It stimulates a healthy heart rate.  It promotes a healthy feeling of solitude as it cleanses.

The use of a sauna is readily available at many fitness centers.  It is a beneficial addition to any exercise regimen to promote heart health.  The sauna is a great place to stretch before or after exercise.  The heat increases blood circulation.  The muscles naturally relax in this environment.  When stretching in the sauna, the muscles are more able to receive beneficial nutrients and flush out harmful waste. 

Soothing heat creates a relaxing environment.  This provides physical and mental therapy.  Healing greatly benefits from such treatmentDisease and other ailments are no match for the overall healthy properties of heat.



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