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What the Length of Your Fingers Says About Your Personality

As you may know, your body says a lot about you.  Your finger length, for example, can be an indicator of your personality.

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Therefore, below you will find what your finger length says about your personality.

-The charming but logical one

If you have a longer ring finger then you tend to be charming and even irresistible. You can also talk yourself out of the most tricky situation. Aggression can be found in this kind of people but also they are determined problem solvers.  Remember that compassion is the key for those kinds of people.  They could be engineers, soldiers or even scientists.

-The confident – Get on with it type –

If your index and ring finger are shorter, it is sure; you are the no-hassle confident type.

If you belong to this type, you probably can happily work alone to meet life and work goals.  These kinds of people tend to be super-focused and driven. You probably do not like to be interrupt when you are working on a project.

However, remember, is important to appreciate what we have while striving for greatness!

  • The peacekeeping , Non-conflict type

These people try to avoid conflict at all costs and they like to keep the peace.

However, deep down, this type of people have a prickly core and a quick temper, which can be unleashed if anyone gets on his or her bad side.

Here is one tip for women:

As science reports, a 2011 study found that men with a shorter index finger relative to their ring finger had a larger penis. In addition, men with an index finger longer than their ring finger were one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer. It is good to know that the traditional two-finger test for prostate cancer is not the only digit-based approach to testing for the disease.


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