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Learn How Your Body Type Depends On Your Birthdate

If you learn how your body type depends on your birthday, you will realize how easy it is to lose weight. People who believe in numerology say that numbers can tell us almost everything.

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Sum the date of your birth (Day+Month+Year) and continue until you get a single-digit number. For example, I will that I was born on 4th July 1994. I will calculate 4+7+1+9+9+4=34, 3+4=7. 4 is the type of my body.

Type 1: You have a fast lifestyle and you don’t suffer of obesity. You have a fast metabolism and a toned figure.

Type 2: Usually, these people are overweight. They struggle to lose weight. If you are in this category, you need to balance a good diet and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to increase the physical activity too.

Type 3: Are you pessimist and always bored? You need to change this and get rid of the negative emotions if you want to lose some weight, because the soul is connected with your body.

Type 4: You need to do more exercises if you don’t want to struggle with food craving anymore.

Type 5: If you found yourself in this category, you need to know that a healthy lifestyle depends on your view of life. So be optimist and you won’t have problems with the excess weight.

Type 6: You figure is proportional, so keep it this way!

Type 7: You may struggle with emotional problems, so balance your emotions if you want to lose weight.

Type 8: Excess pounds can come with the feeling of being angry and stressed. Try to control the emotional eating.

Type 9: These people may be obese, so take care of your nutrition.

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