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Five Common Makeup Mistakes to Shun

It’s not a shame to be a victim of makeup mistakes. Surprisingly, it happens with the top rated celebrities as what we’ve been experiencing for the past and present. Sometimes you forget to put eyeliner on one eye or when your bronzer doesn’t absorb tanning gel which you use for shiny glow and it looks a bit awkward.”Show

Recent instance, we go past was when Angelina Jolie found to be a victim of excessive translucent powder. Not just her, but many other celebrities had been caught on camera in the recent past on the red carpet. But don’t worry these little mistakes can be undone by few easy cautions discussed below:

  1. Wearing bronzer and blush in abundance
  2. Wearing over contrasted shades
  3. Utilizing excessive Face powder
  4. Blending under eye shadows
  5. Over plucking blunder

1.     Wearing Bronzer and blush in abundance

They both are core components of effective makeup and used widely everywhere. If you apply big amount of both then they would be problematic otherwise it’s not an awful thing to use them together. Remember always utilize that blush which matches with your skin. If you’ve tones of fair skin, then select soft shades such as soft pink or pink shade. In case of dark skin, then I suggest you to use dark berry/plum or coral colors. When you use blush with bronzer, then it’s important to go for less glowing.

Utilize a light hand with any face items in a powder recipe. You need to construct the shading and not heap it on. In the event that you think you’ve connected an excessive amount of take a cushioned powder brush then mellow the shading.

  1. Wearing over contrasted shades

This mistake isn’t the one that’s rarely done, but the common. In fact, most of us had done it at least once in our life. For avoiding this scenario, famous beauty stores such as Ulta or Sephora provides the option of color matching before buying or applying. As a result, you won’t find any difference of face color to your body. Apart from these stores, some other departmental stores give you a chance to check the merchandise before purchasing. Stores like Target where you won’t have the option of testing leaves it on to you for guessing the matched shades. But they’re also giving you a service of returning the product in case of contentment.

  1. Utilizing excessive Face powder

This also happens with many of us when it takes a full day, lessening the shine from our faces, but it results in a white gloss on your face that looks more notable during flashy photographic sessions at parties, weddings, etc. Apart from this, excessive face powder usually divulges your face crinkles and groves like putting a measuring glass over your face crinkles or groves.

To avoid this, use powder full of natural minerals. If you want to use suggested powder, then go to Senna Cosmetics latest released one. Amid the day, you might need dabbing the paper in order to reduce the glow after powder, simply put it over shiny parts of the face and press it smoothly.

4.     Blending under eye shades

If you don’t do it correctly then it can tell you about the difference between the people who know what to do and vice versa. Yet you won’t whisk color, then unlikely you will get the results you’re looking for, doesn’t matter either you’re using cheap shadows or costly. If you don’t blend shadows, then incomplete and harsh makeup will be a possible probability, most likely in case of dark shadows. Blender brushes which are meant for this purpose are recommended to be away with this problem because it blends and softens color and in fact could be applicable beneath the eyes.

5.     Over plucking blunder

Many of us are so conscious about eyebrows therefore we never rush out of our house without eye plucking and spend more time on it. The problem comes when sometimes eyebrows don’t grow afterwards as you were expecting before plucking and as a result it looks so awkward. So I suggest you to hold on and wait for them to grow because it’s all about filling them properly.

In order to fill them properly for natural brows, use a color that is lighter than your brow hair. It would be good if you follow the same shape as your natural eyebrows by applying dark color to the arc and gradually apply slight color as you complete. In case of a brow that doesn’t require any kind of filling, just trim the hair brows exceeding the natural brow shape.

Apart from this approach eyebrows stencil is another technique for brows, it comes along with a set of 5 to 6 that can be useful if you consider various brow shapes. They’re independent and flexible you can regulate them in order to easily apt the shape of your brow.


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