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Find out 10 Things you Must Know about your Blood Type

It is known that we need to eat healthy in order to keep ourselves in good shape. But also, your blood type has a role in your health and body too. The blood types are A, B, AB and O and we get it while we are still in the womb.Show more text

  1. Blood type has an important role in digestion or weight loss. For example, people with type O should eat more foods high in protein.
  2. A blood group can be resistant to one type of disease and be susceptive to another one.
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  4. Your blood type can affect your personality.
  5. You can have bigger chances to get pregnant is you have AB blood type.
  6. You are more likely to be more stressed if you have blood type A or O.
  7. Blood antigens are present in the nostrils, lungs, the digestive tract, the mouth, colon and in the blood.
  8. People with type A blood do not usually gain fat around their belly. People with type O are more prone to belly fat.
  9. Be careful what type blood is your partner if you want to have kids, because some blood types can’t get mixed.
  10. Because people with type A are more prone to stress, they should do calming exercises. People with type B should challenge their bodies.
  11. You should carry some personal information with your, such as name, phone number, address and blood type, in case of emergency.

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