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Epidermoid Cysts: How to treat them and what you should know about them

Epidermoid cysts are a very common disease; you can found them on the neck, face, back or even the genitals area.  They grow very slow and usually you do not have to treat them. However, in case of any infection or other complication, epidermoid cysts need to be treated or even removed.Show more text

Natural treatment for these cysts is very effective and can prevent any surgery.  Below, you will find the best natural remedies, which will help you to treat this annoying condition.

Get rid of epidermoid cysts immediately, in a natural way:

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best when it comes to removing cysts. It protects your skin from bacteria and prevents development of infections. You just have to  rub  cyst area with some apple cider vinegar and then cover it with gauze. Repeat the process on daily, for about one week.

2. Dandelion

For this remedy, you just have to mix one tablespoon of dandelion with 1 tablespoon of viola flowers.  Put the mix of flowers in a cup of boiling water; leave it for about 45 minutes. Then, strain the liquid and drink it in 4 turns throughout the day. Repeat this procedure for about ten days in a row.

  1. Aloe Vera

You can use it for the treatment of epidermoid cysts by rubbing some Aloe Vera gel directly on your skin lump, or drinking Aloe Vera juice.

  1. Milk

You just have to dip a tea bag in a cup of milk and leave it for 15 minutes. Then, cover the cyst with the tea bag and leave it to action overnight.  If you repeat this treatment daily, the cyst will start shrinking, and it will eventually disappear.

  1. Honey

Use a paste made of raw honey and banana. You just need to apply a little bit of the paste on the affected area, and then cover with a cotton cloth. Leave it overnight. If you repeat this procedure daily, cysts will disappear.

  1. Epsom salt

This salt has beneficial and calming effects on infected skin.  You just have to fill the bathtub with warm water and add some Epsom salt. Sit down and relax yourself. This will soothe the pain and will have a benefic effect on the skin.

  1. Castor oil

Just put some drops of castor oil directly on your skin, cover it with warm, wet cloth, and leave it overnight.

Epidermoid cysts are not an alarming skin condition, but if they became infected, you should see your doctor for a medical opinion.

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