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Eliminate sinusitis and nasal congestion fast, with this powerful carrot juice

    If you want to get rid of nasal congestion who are brought on by sinusitis, you have to do some diet adjustments. You can start by reducing animal meat products, but the most important thing you need to do is eliminating dairy products, tobacco, sugar and flour (as much as you can).

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    I use to wake up in the morning with stuffy nose, and sometimes I was unable to breath.  Then, I did some research and found out what caused the problem.  Therefore, I started to prepare my special concoction every day, and my sinus problem began to disappear.

Once you removed the offending foods from your daily diet, this miraculous juice combo kicks-in real quick and help you to get rid of nasal congestion.

   If you have a very serious sinusitis, you can improve your condition by taking some garlic oil and probiotic capsules. Drinking a glass of water with a pinch of sea salt before going to bed, can also help to reduce stuffy nose in the morning.

    Below, you will find the recipe for this natural carrot juice, which will help you to reduce nasal congestion very fast and will improve your eyesight.


For one portion you will need

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 green apple
  • A small pace of ginger (this is optional, you can add it only if you want)

Just remember: this juice cannot work if offending foods are not reduced or eliminated, so, first you should consider revising your daily diet and cut them off!

Drink this juice regular, until you see an improvement.



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