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Easy tips to avoid bad breath

Everybody has it, but you never know when you do. Bad breath is a universal nuisance. It’s a big turn-off and adversely impacts one’s attractiveness.

Its causes may be trivial or more deeply rooted but the unpleasantness is the same.Bad breath, or halitosis, is caused primarily by the presence of bacteria or dead cells in the mouth.

Bacteria are likely to flourish places like cavities, unclean dentures or the gaps between teeth. They remain there if not removed by flossing or brushing vigorously. These cause the odor. Foods like garlic and onion have inherently strong odors that will remain in your breath till they pass through your body.

Most morning bad breath is down to saliva inactivity. Saliva carries away any bits of food or dead cells from the mouth. This function slows down when we sleep, resulting in bad breath. This, however, is temporary and can be fixed easily by brushing or mouthwash.

Bad breath may sometimes be an indicator of more serious problems. It is a symptom of diabetes, acid reflux, sinus infections, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and several liver and kidney disorders.

Regular and thorough brushing and flossing is essential in treating bad breath. Make sure you are regular in your visits to the dentist. Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, drink plenty of water and keep tabs on what you eat.


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