Beside all the cures that had been invented and every discovery that has been made in the medicine in the past decades, there are still many diseases, and a huge number of them are deadly.Show more text

Vegetables and fruits, preferably organic, are something that shouldn’t be avoided under any circumstances. Among the vegetables, there is one in particularly that is bringing a lot of benefits for our health and we bet you know it. Sure many of you guessed because of the topic, that we are talking about onion. This amazing vegetable can be used in a countless ways that include eating it uncooked or in some delicious dish.

Anyway, we are here not to tell you about how to cook garlic and eat it so that you give your organism the benefits from it, but how to use it for disinfecting your home from viruses. It might sound weird for you, but this method is very famous and people who tried it say all the best about it, so read this.

You need one garlic bulb. You should remove the garlic cloves from the head of the garlic. Put the stem and the remaining skin into a fireproof dish and let it stay on a dying fire. There will be smell that is not very likeable usually but you should put up with it, because the effects will be brilliant. The smell will purify the air in your room, and also your throat, nose and your lungs. You will also be protected from the annoying colds and viruses thanks to the amazing garlic and this trick.

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