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How to Detect Negative Energies at Home Using a Glass of Water

One of the many ways to detect negative energies at home is by using a glass of water. It is a simple way to clean the negative energies and maintain the harmony in the house.

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 All the energies we inhabit in our life meet in the space of unity-our homes. The energies come from our feelings, thoughts and emotions and they also attract other energies. Anyone can bring negative energies in the house. All these energies are affecting our well-being. They can disrupt the harmony in our home, or break relationships. It is important to detect in time these energies, because they are not noticeable at first.

They can make you feel broken, with no will to live, anxious and restless.

Hot to detect bad vibes:

Pour salt in a glass – about third of the glass – and add water. Place it in your room in a place you think the vibes are more powerful. Hide it and leave it for a day. No one can move it from there. The next day examine the glass. If the glass has smudges and you can see clear that it is not the way you left it there, then it’s sure that you have negative energies in the house. If you don’t see any difference, repeat the procedure in another room. If you have bad vibes in the house, repeat it until the glass remains the way you left it.



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