How to clean 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon

Many health problems can be avoided with simply colon cleansing. Eliminating of parasites and mucus from the intestines and fecal debris is imminent. That is because through the intestines during an average lifetime people spend over 180.000 pounds food and 12.000 gallons liquid. Here are over 40 pounds are toxic substances accumulated in the stomach. They contaminate your blood and cause many diseases.
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There are several signs that your intestines are not clean. Some of these signs are: constipation, diabetes, disturbed metabolism, obesity, arthritis, cancer, kidney stones, vision and skin problems. It is clear that you need colon cleansing.

This Colon Cleanse Diet will detox your digestive system in just 21 days and you won’t need any doctors around or any medications or drugs. You can clean up to 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon and lose weight more easy.

Instead of breakfast devour this blend for 3 weeks!
Week 1: 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir
  Week 2: 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir
Week 3: 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 150 ml of kefir
Do not follow this diet more than once per year because it’s enough and you don’t need to force or waste your body. Stay Healthy!
Remember to eat flaxseed flour and kefir for breakfast, then drink one glass of nectar water if you have such a filter.

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