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Blow Air on Your Thumb And Look What Happens to Your Body

Our body has a fantastic way of functioning, is fascinating that all the parts of the body interact with other parts, and those interactions are so unexpected.

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Now, you will find out a tip that will complete change your life from now on.  It can sound strange, but after you will try this tip, you will see that it is working.

Let us suppose that you have an important business meeting or even an exam. You feel something strange in your stomach like the “butterflies” and you are very nervous. Let us face it; those things happen all the time to anyone for at least once in a lifetime.  So, what should you do in this case?

Here is the answer: If you blow air on your thumb, you will start to feel better right away! NO joking, maybe you will laugh now.

You may not know that in order to calm down when you are very anxious or nervous, you just have to blow air on your thumb. I got the explanation for this!

Have you ever heard about the vagus nerve? There are two of this expansive nerve in our body, one running down each side from our brainstem and neck into the chest and abdomen. This  vagus nerve usually slows down your heart rate, when you blow air on your thumb, you just stimulate this nerve and it signals your brain that you are not in danger, and then you will calm down.  In addition, this nerve provides you that strange sensation in your stomach when you are nervous.

In addition, many experts say that if you cannot get control of your breathing in a stressful moment, the only way to get out of this weird situation is to blow air on your thumb.  You can use this tip anytime you want.


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