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The Best 10 Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Anyone knows that tips and tricks make our beauty routine more easily.  This is the main reason that we put together a list with the most amazing beauty hacks that every girl should know.

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You will find below the best 10 beauty hacks that you wish you knew already.

  1. Your expensive eyeshadow, blush or foundation has just broken. No problem at all, you can immediately fix it with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Your lips look chapped. You can make them smooth again by applying lip balm and exfoliating with a toothbrush.
  3. You can make your perfume last longer on your skin by applying Vaseline to your pulse points. Now spray on your perfume and enjoy a long lasting scent.
  4. Do you have any too-sparkly eyeshadow? You can mix it with clear nail polish and you will have a fancy custom color for your nails.
  5. Will you like to have a long lasting mascara? Just add Visine to your mascara and it will last longer than usual.
  6. You should curl your hair in the middle first if you want long lasting curls.
  7. You can apply foundation to your lips before applying any lip-gloss. It will act as a primer for a richer color.
  8. If you want to shave your legs, first exfoliate them in order to bring the tiny hairs out of their follicles. If you exfoliate them first, you will end up shaving less.
  9. . You make up is almost done. You only have to set your lipstick. Just cover your lips with a tissue and lightly dust translucent powder of the tissue.
  10. You love dark nail polish, but you also know that this dark color can leave your nails looking dirty. Get rid of that dirty look, just mix some lemon juice with baking soda and rub your nails with this mixture. Your nails will be white again.

the best 10 beauty hacks that every girl should know


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