How to clean 20 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon

This Colon Cleanse Diet will detox your digestive system in just 21 days. Apparently, it can clean up to 30 pounds of accumulated Colon Toxins. Show more text

As a result, this greatly aids with well-being and weight loss. Your Colon and Intestines are a vital part of your digestive system. It removes parasites, toxins and undigested solid matter.

As with any type of cleansing diet you need to keep up a high water consumption. This is what flushes the toxins out of your body – the recipe recommends 8 glasses of water a day.


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How To Cleanse Your Colon Of Toxins

To follow this suggested plan, you will replace Breakfast with this blend of Flax Seed and Kefir. It’s important that you follow the quantities precisely to achieve the optimal results.

Week 1-: 1 Tblspn Flaxseed flour + 100 ml Kefir
Week 2-: 2 Tblspn Flaxseed flour + 100 ml of Kefir
Week 3-: 3 Tblspn Flaxseed flour + 150 ml of Kefir
You can purchase Flaxseed Flour online or at health stores. You can also buy some Flaxseeds and grind them up to produce your own flour if you prefer. It’s best to store your Flaxseeds in the fridge and if you grind up enough for a few days, the flour will keep well in the fridge too.

Important: It is recommended that this plan be followed once a year only. It is not designed for more than this and may cause stress to your body. We would also suggest that you consult with your Health Professional before embarking on such a plan.




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